About HumGuide

HumGuide is a guide to online resources in and about Humboldt County, on California's beautiful north coast (250 miles north of San Francisco and 70 miles south of the Oregon border). The site has been in existance in one incarnation or another since 1997, the ownership was tranfered to Morse Media in 2000. Humguide is currently owned and maintained by Morse Media, a web development company based in Eureka, CA.

Our communities share common economic and social bonds behind "the redwood curtain" and remain fairly secluded from major cities. Thus we cover all of Humboldt County and not just one specific city.  We continue to be the most comprehensive online guide to Humboldt County, with links to more than 1,500 information sources. HumGuide receives over 10,000 unique visits and 50,000 page views per week.

We've helped businesses and visitors alike by providing useful resources that help them connect to one another and to their clientele. We invite you to take a look at  some of the things people have said about HumGuide over the years.

The current site is built using the open source Drupal platform. We intend to leverage that platform to provide new and exciting features going forward. If you have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact us.