Praise for HumGuide

"I love your web site. I lived in Eureka for three years while attending HSU, and now my sister lives there. I come back at least twice a year to visit. I truly appreciate having your web site to keep me up to date as to what's going on in Humboldt County. I really miss it there, but I hope to return one day for good. Again, thanks for your prompt response and the great web site."
      - Beth Younger - Baton Rouge, LA

"Informative site. Makes finding out about the area and what is has to offer easy before relocating there. Thanks, keep up the good work."
     - Nancy Misena - Montana

"An excellent site with loads of good information, I wish all places had this. (You must be inundated with tourists, as you live in such a pretty part of the world)."
     - Dave Miles - Cardiff, Wales, UK

"This service is well designed, and is really easy to navigate. I like this place very much, and I hope to keep finding everything I am looking for in the future as I am already finding."
     -Nicholas J. Maietta - Santa Cruz, CA

"Great Site! Really easy to work with. I really like the fact that the menu appears when you get to the end of the listings in the classifieds. Thanks!"
     -Jennifer Raymond - Honeydew, CA

"Thanks so much for a valuable service. Your page is examplary. I am planning a move to Eureka or one of the small town nearby. Your guide has been extremely valuable to me..."
     -Gerard M. Seubert - El Cajon, CA

"I use HumGuide all the time."
     -Erika Meyer, Arcata - CA

"Thank you for the HumGuide. It has been very helpful to me and has saved me much time on my many visits to the north coast."
     -Charles Ammerman - Oakland, CA

"I am a "gotta know" person and have been able to obtain information on everything from homes and schools to shopping and crime rates, using your site. This centralized information center has saved me hours of searching the net for information that may not have been half as good. Thank you for providing so much to those of us in need."
     - Sharon Woodall - North Pole, AK